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Publishers' Circular -- pickings

I've spent all day, well most of it, going through several years' worth of this publication. On March 1st 1870 it reported that

There are booksellers in London who imitate the Marquis of Carraccioli, who published a religious work under the very ambiguous title of ``La Jouissance de Soi-même'' ...; and says one authority, ``the sale of this work was very continual with the libertines, who, however, found nothing but very tedious essays on religion and morality''. So, in later days, booksellers of a certain notorious street sold tracts in sealed packets, labelled with taking titles; and the publishers we glance at advertise curious and appetising histories which would seem perfectly fitted to come under Lord Campbell's Act, but which are very dull compilations, in every respect contemptible and utterly deceptive. (132)

Unfortunately they did not include any examples.
And I am very curious as to the notorious street in question.
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